Sản xuất tương ớt

Sản xuất tương ớt

These skids are specially designed for the production of sauces with or without solid ingredients.
These skids can be used to produce formulas that require heating, cooling, cooking, dispersal, mixing and homogenisation. The processes can be single- or multi-stage. Obviously, the means of adding the ingredients, and the point at which they are added, can also vary.

Some examples:

• Cheese – Chocolate – Foie gras and nougat
• Fruit coffee with spices
• Soups with vegetables – Chicken – Meat – Fruit
• Tomato ketchup – Flour mixtures for crepes – Churros
• Light mixtures for calorie reduction for flour-based sauces
• Cheese – Yoghurt – Chocolate – Olive sauces


This type of compact equipment is designed to ensure reliability when producing all types of sauces, pastas, gels and viscous drinks.
Parts in contact with the product are AISI 316 (EN 1.4404) and the rest of the parts is AISI 304 (EN 1.4301).
The internal surface finish is bright polished, and the external surface finish is matt.
The skid consists of a baseplate or frame upon which the production tank, pre-mixing tank, minority solid ingredients tank, pumps, mixer-emulsifier and other elements are mounted. The control panels can be installed in another place due to logistical and sanitary reasons.
The design is modular and elements can be added or removed, depending on the specific characteristics of the product to be produced.
Depending on the configuration, a CIP unit including a recirculation pump can be included.

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